WELCOME TO ALITUS. Our team of highly experienced & successful experts can help you in a variety of ways, bringing extensive industry experience to help you meet your organisations goals. 

The team is experienced in working across different organisational levels in businesses, coaching graduates through to executives. We all have corporate backgrounds and are trained in coaching and personal development.

We believe in making sure our work helps deliver sustained change. We have developed metrics that will give you confidence that this is the case. The experience of the team is broad and deep. We have worked within organisations at senior levels which brings a practical edge to our work. We have used our combined experience to bring together a set of tools, approaches and models to help individuals and businesses achieve their goals. Some of these models have been created by the team using our combined learning and reflections.

We view coaching as having to be tailored to an individuals needs. There are many definitions and we work along a spectrum of coaching, mentoring and consulting; agreeing with a client what will be most valuable and useful.

Our ownership structure

We are part of the dream on group. dream on is a social enterprise company. This means that all our net income is used to provide free to access programmes to help women in areas of rural deprivation receive support to change their lives.