Myers Briggs Type Indicator


We use this best known and trusted personality profiling tool to identify for our clients how they naturally prefer to make sense of the world, communicate and make decisions. Rooted in work carried out by Carl Jung at the beginning of the 20th century, its developers, a mum and daughter team, Katharine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers sought to give people insights into the personality type that they may be and how this can influence how they act and think.

The power of this tool lies not in just identifying peoples preferences and behaviour, but in how these can then be used to strengthen an individuals understanding, not only of how they work and think, but of how others think too. This is often a ‘light bulb’ moment for many as they understand that people they interact with on a personal or professional level think and act in different ways, not because they are trying to be difficult or different but because that is the way they are wired.

alitus can provide individual feedback that can be used in many ways, for example: in developing a profile of potential careers that might suit their preferences (although it shouldn’t be used as an employment tool); helping them understand where their strengths lie and why they make the decisions they do; helping people understand that there are other ways of working and that we don’t always stay on our naturally preferred way of working. We can ‘flex’ into the other preference depending upon circumstances.

MBTI is an invaluable tool for any organization wanting to develop their employees on an individual level. However, it can also provide huge possibilities for team development. In recognising how the individuals within a team work - their ways of working, their ways of coming to decisions, and the way in which they prefer to think and physically work - the team can be strengthened to more than a sum of its parts. It can be used to improve communication and we have had a great deal of success in improving relationships between team members who may have found working together difficult in the past.

But MBTI can offer your organization so much more. It can be used to investigate key issues such as: how to manage stress and improve wellbeing, how to manage difficult conversations and how to navigate your way through making tough decisions.

If you want to explore how MBTI can support you and/or your business so that you can optimize the natural preferences of your employees contact alitus.

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