This profiling tool help you understand who you are at your best.

Globally we live in cultures which focus upon the ‘gaps’ between and in people which are seen as having potential, once ‘fixed’, to improve people’s performance. However, the work carried out by Gallup scientists in 1998 led by Don Clifton, who believed in the positive psychology of strengths led employment, has resulted in millions of people across the world having an understanding of their top 5 ‘talents’ and the impact this knowledge can have upon their ability to bring those talents to bear in their lives. Gallup researched thousands of people working in a range of jobs and, across the board ‘from housekeeper to chief executives, from clergy members to government officials’, they have found that ‘having the opportunity to develop our strengths is more important to our success than our role, our title or even our pay’ (StrengthsFinder 2:0, page 11).

We work with the StrengthsFinder assessment and guide you through the process of how to make the most of your raw talent so that you can flourish in the workplace. To bring about positive development we help you take action, and that is where alitus will add benefit to you and your organization. Either on a one-to-one basis, or as part of a team/small group our pool of expert professionals can support you in identifying how your talents can be turned into strengths. We will help you develop an action plan enabling you to work strategically not just for the short term but also for the future.

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