We offer a huge range of training. Our flagship training programme helps people develop their coaching skills to progress their team or clients through to the next stage of their career or lives.

Want something more bespoke? We will design the training to meet your organisational needs e.g. project management, strategic planning or team dynamics. See our extensive range of topics here.

alitus offers a training programme specifically for current or future coaches. It may be suitable for someone who is coaching in a new managerial role or for someone who wants a career as a business or life coach. It offers a ‘back to basics’ approach to coaching by focusing on the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to be an effective and safe coach.

The 6-month programme comprises 36 guided learning hours, delivered across 6 teaching days, and coursework between sessions. It is suitable for those who have little or no experience of, or formal training in, coaching but who would like to increase their understanding of the work and develop their skills in this area. Examples of the topics to be covered include: the importance of working within an ethical framework; managing the coaching relationship; being aware of and maintaining professional boundaries; supporting clients to achieve their goals; understanding the importance of coach self-awareness and how to use it; coaching methods and theories; listening and responding skills and the importance of reflection and feedback.

Boundaries were a big learning point for me and it has made me more conscious in my coaching, preparation and shutting off at the end of the day. My coaching is generally better, I'm able to sit in silence more and have definitely found the benefits of this. I'm asking better questions and I am more conscious that we are working towards a goal. Not to mention I have a much better understanding of what coaching actually is.

Chloe, 2020/21 Foundation in Coaching Skills Graduate

The amount of reflection and learning I achieved from the course, allowed me to make huge waves in the way I coach

Sophie, 2020/21 Foundation in Coaching Skills Graduate

If you or your team are interested in attending please contact us here.