What we do



We know that great coaching can make a huge difference to both the individual & the organisations they are part of. 

All of our team have held senior positions in organisations & had successful careers. We work with our team to develop our coaching practice & each coach receives regular supervision. 

Our experience ranges from FTSE PLC to SME’s, from education to health and from social enterprises to charities . 

We have a variety of technical expertise including finance, marketing, IT, HR and sales . 

We carefully match our clients to our coaches and initial chemistry meetings are set up to ensure the best possible start to working together . 

Development & Assessment

We use a variety of assessments to help develop self awareness. 

We focus on who you are at your best & to help understand what that means when you work with others as leaders & part of a team. 

We use MBTI, Hogan profile, Learning Styles and Strengthfinder. 

We can tailor our work to your needs. We do this both on an individual & team basis.

Strategy Development

We have huge experience in helping teams develop their Strategic direction. 

We have developed our own in-house model to do this with & believe in both facilitating & importantly transferring our skills to the organisation we work with. 

We have helped both in organisation wide strategy setting & in helping identify the unique culture of organisations.

Workshops & Training

We have been asked to develop bespoke workshops for organisations . 

Listed below are some examples of workshops we have run.

Creating the Right Impression

This workshop helps you understand how to make the first imression on meeting. It is both practical and effective and gives you tools and techniques to use to feel and be more confident in business.

Marketing - Selling your Business

Understanding how to market your business and find customers is critical to business success. This step by step workshop focuses on developing a detailed plan for your business. It is practical, creative and tailored to your needs.

Understanding the Financials

Tailored to understanding margins, how to interpret your companys information and learning how to see the numbers as not something to be feared, but to be read as a story and with the ability to link them to your business.

The Confident Communicator

We help you develop skills to communicate well. Whether its communicating 1-1 or with a group. You will learn techniques to manage conversations when things get tough as well as seeing things from others point of view. We will work on how to communicate clearly, how to listen well and check understanding. Great for people who lack confidence in communicating, feel they are not understood, who struggle in difficult situations or generally want to learn more about good communication.


For business to be successful, creativity is important. This workshop is useful to help people develop the right-hand side of their brain. It is fun and yet very useful for business people.

Me at my Best

The aim of this workshop is to create a positive picture of our strengths individually and as a team. We also incorporate all other feedback/assessments already done including MBTI, learning styles and 360 degree feedback. The aim is to capture a positive picture of ourselves that can then be used in our roles at work.

Healthcheck your Business

This practical workshop uses various tools and techniques to assess the health of your business. It is tailored to the type of business, age, priorities and industry challenges.

MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator)

The MBTI assessment is a personality type indicator, which can help with communication and problem-solving styles within an organisation.   The report helps identifies an individuals preferences & strengths along with personalised suggestions for development. 

Data & Analysis

We are obsessed with getting results from our work and that any changes sustain.

At the outset of any work we agree the goals & measures we will put in place. We monitor & report on this. We ensure work sustains by checking in an agreed time after the work has concluded to ensure this is the case.