Outplacement support


Many businesses have been through extremely turbulent times recently and sadly, some have needed to make the difficult decision to make people redundant. This will be a particularly stressful time for the staff members impacted and as a caring employer, you may want to consider using alitus to help your team members through this transition.

alitus offers a half-day Outplacement Support programme with an optional 1:1 follow up coaching session, to offer support to employees recently affected by redundancy. We will work with employers to create a programme that best meets their organisation’s needs.

During the half-day programme there will be four hour-long sessions which will aim to help participants debrief their experience and equip them to confidently navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead, with a view to transitioning into their new roles or lives effectively. The optional follow on 1:1 coaching session will enable participants to reflect on their personal learning and the next steps for them. The half day programme and coaching sessions can be delivered face to face, or online, depending on any COVID restrictions or geography - we are able to offer both methods.

Typically on a programme we would debrief the experience and impact of redundancy, exploring natural responses against the Change Curve. We will explore self-confidence and how this has been impacted by recent events. We will consider how our confidence is shaped and how we can take steps to rebuild this. We would then move on to creating an impactful CV and look at the different ways in which interviews are conducted today, to see how we can present our best selves and stand out from the crowd to create an impactful and job securing impression.

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