Reboot - Covid Recovery


The programme has been designed to provide a platform for participants to explore the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on their individual lives. Worldwide, we have been subjected to unfamiliar psychological and existential pressures which have affected almost every aspect of our daily lives. Research is providing an insight into the short and medium term issues that people are struggling with, as well as being able to predict the more long-term effects that might emerge. These are wide ranging - from stress and anxiety to complex mental health concerns, from changes in finance to loss of employment, and from relationship breakdowns to loneliness and battered confidence, all of which can impact our overall health.

The Reboot Programme addresses many of these issues, across the four one-and-a-half-hour workshops, as we seek to Reboot our ‘factory settings’, helping participants to find their feet in this ‘new normal’ world we’ve been catapulted into.

Our covid reboot workshop in action

Investing in this programme will give participants access to a rich, creative environment in which they will be able to explore what just happened, and how they can begin to make some sense of it all? We also look at how self-confidence and mental wellbeing has been impacted and how both can be improved. We also consider physical health and fitness change and how this can be developed for a more active future.

Participants will grow through learning and doing, and by reflecting on and sharing their own experiences. Their ‘rebooted self’ will have a greater understanding of their response to Covid-19 and will be equipped with strategies to develop and enhance resilience, confidence and mental and physical wellbeing.

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