Three of the principles that we, in alitus, work from are:

  • Step 01
    Individuals that are more self-aware tend to be able to function better and more effectively in the work environment and generally.
  • Step 02
    Teams that are able to hold open and honest dialogue can deal with conflict and come to resolution and agreement in a much more collaborative and effective way than those that encourage or avoid difficult issues.
  • Step 03
    In addition, individuals in teams that understand their vulnerabilities can work together to develop a level of openness and trust way beyond what can be expected in normal day to day operations.

In essence, leadership begins from the inside out and we have the ability, in-house, to work with clients toward achieving these ends through the use of three profiling tools:

Profiling with Bridget and Susie

Myers Briggs Type Indicator - Personality

We use this best known and trusted personality profiling tool to identify for our clients how they naturally prefer to make sense of the world, communicate and make decisions. Rooted in work carried out by Carl Jung at the beginning of the 20th century its developers, a mum and daughter team, Katharine Briggs and Isabel Briggs Myers sought to give people insights into the personality type that they may be and how this can influence how they act and think.
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StrengthsFinder - Talents

We work with the StrengthsFinder assessment and guide you through the process of how to make the most of your raw talent so that you can flourish in the workplace. To bring about positive development we help you take action, and that is where alitus will add benefit to you and your organization. Either on a one to one basis, or as part of a team/small group our pool of expert professionals can support you in identifying how your talents can be turned into strengths. We will help you develop an action plan enabling you to work strategically not just for the short term but also for the future.
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Hogan Development Survey - Behaviour

The Hogan Development Survey evaluates 11 forms of interpersonal behaviour that can cause problems at work and in life. Behaviours associated with elevated HDS scores can be strengths, but when overused can derail relationships and careers. Individuals who understand their performance limitations have more successful careers. This report builds self-awareness by highlighting behavioural tendencies of which individuals may be unaware
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